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Roofing. Even that word roofing sounds sort of coarse and painful to me. Roofing is not something that I think about very often, but after a huge windstorm, and we found several pieces of our roofing all over the front yard, I had to think about it long and hard. At first, my husband, having done some building in his day, thought he might be able to make repairs on the roof himself in order to save us some money. What a macho roofing maniac!

Thinking it over
After looking into all that is involved in roofing repair, the different roofing products, and the variety of roofing materials, it was becoming increasingly apparent to my husband that the job was bigger than he had anticipated. A roof is crucial when it comes to protecting your home. If the top layer of the roofing materials is gone, what is happening to the layers underneath? How many rainstorms before rainwater is dripping down on your bed? Also time is of the essence. Trying to fix a roof on a part time basis, after working a full day at his regular job, proved to be a bad idea. We didn't want to put any other part of our house at risk, while waiting on a long drawn out repair job. We went to the Internet and searched for Roofing Gainesville.

Getting it done
As it turned out there was so much more to roofing than we had originally thought. The listings talked about Flat Roofing, GAF Roofing, Pitched Roofing, and a wide range of roofing products, roof windows, etc. And by the way, what is GAF roofing? We were not even sure which category our roof fell under, let alone what type of roofing we had. By the time we found the roofing contractor we decided to use, we were more than happy to pay the cost involved in fixing up our roof. As it turned out, they were quite reasonable in their price. Because they do this day in and day out, they have the roofing products, knowledge, and capabilities to get the job done in a short order.

The results
In no time at all, they were there and had the roof fixed, including installing skylights (they call them roof windows) that we had always wanted in our windowless bathroom. Then they were done and gone, as if they had never been there. There were no roofing materials lying around, no partially used products left behind, nothing that shouldn't be there. Now one thing that I didn't mention that I appreciated about having them do this roofing job was this: They inspected the entire roof when they initially came out and explained to us the pros and cons of repairing the roof vs. replacing the etire roof with new roofing materials. They showed us the places where there would be problems in the near future. They explained that the cost of complete replacement of the roof would be less expensive than just two repair jobs. After seeing the condition of the roof, we quickly made the decision to replace the whole roof, seeing the value in only having to do this once, and having the security of knowing the roofing is in great condition for a long time. By the time we found the our roofing contractor, we were more than happy to pay the cost involved in fixing up our roof.

And GAF? That's the type of roofing shingles that we chose to use...

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